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  • Excellent Video From A User

  • A few weeks back we got an email from Steve Mulanax letting us know about a video he had made, explaining how to create some awesome animated stars using BiblioPixel and the AllPixel Mini. We were astounded by the amount of time and effort put into the video, as well as how clearly he went through his entire process. Being a good open source citizen, he of course includes links to source code and CAD models in the video description.

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  • Meter Clock Part 2

  • A while back…an embarrassingly long while back…the Meter Clock made an appearance. We left that project back in 2014 intending to “either print or build from wood a case of some kind”. And as sometimes happens, projects get put on the back burner. Well I was hungry to finally finish this project, so I brought it to the front burner to finish cooking. Kitchen analogies aside, I did want to put some finishing touches on this project.

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