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  • Introducing The Engravinator

  • Nearly a year ago, friend of Maniacal Labs Patrick Connelly (or pcon as we call him) came to me with a question: “Are there any cheap and compact laser engravers that are meant to be brought to the workpiece instead of the other way around?” It was a good question. While the answer was technically “yes”, there was really only one design (that was clearly cloned under a dozen different names) but it was lackluster at best.

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  • FormBot 3D Printer - Go Big or Go Home

  • A bit over a year ago I posted a YouTube video review of the T-Rex 2+ 3D printer that included a handful of modifications I had made to it. But then, recently, I was made aware of an official upgrade kit to turn the v2+ I had into a v3.0. Some of my mods even seemed to provide a little inspiration for the v3.0 :) So I got the kit and got to work installing it.

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