The End of an Era

It’s hard to believe, but all things come to an end and the same is unfortunately true for Maniacal Labs. At least as a purveyor of open source electronics. It was certainly a tough decision but, in the end, the right one for both of us.

We started Maniacal Labs back in 2013 with the Binary Epoch Clock but really exploded with the AllPixel Kickstarter campaign the following year. That kicked off what has been quite a wild ride, taking us to many events, maker faires, and even the occasional speaking engagement.

This is not to say that we have any plans to fade into the shadows of the open source hardware world. It’s just that we needed to step away from the business aspect of things and refocus on our own personal work, without being concerned about if it will sell. Making something is one thing, making something that will sell is 10 times harder.

So, with that said, this site and our social media will still stick around and all of our designs will still be available on our GitHub as always. We will still occasionally be posting our work here but it will be just that… our own work and not products.

We’ll also be having a huge clearance sale on our Tindie Store and once things are gone they’re gone. But you can always, of course, make your own using the designs from our GitHub repos linked on our site or on the Tindie store pages.

We are forever grateful to those who came along on this ride with us and wish you all the best in your open source endeavors.

Never Stop Making.

Adam Haile & Dan Ternes

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