Introducing the Platypus Laser Controller!

A little while ago we launched the Engravinator, a compact and open source diode laser engraver.

Sometimes one project leads to another. So, while researching the Grbl control board options, we were left a little underwhelmed with the feature set and specifications of the control boards available. So, as XKCD describes so perfectly:


So, we would like to introduce you to our contribution to the pool of 2-axis Grbl boards, the Platypus!

It is, of course, completely open source and you can find all the pertinent details on GitHub. We’ll keep this post short since everything you could ever want to know about it is there.

However, we’re not going to just leave to to make your own… we’ve done all the work for you. So head on over to Tindie to get your own!.

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