LongPixel: Week 1 Update

First, many thanks to all of those who have supported the LongPixel Kickstarter campaign so far! We’ve gotten a lot of great responses to the product and having passed 1/3rd of our goal we remain confident that we can obtain full funding before the end.

We wanted to also mention and clarify how the extras work this time around. We’ve partnered with BackerKit to provide the post-campaign handling of gathering our backer data and accepting orders for extra items. The options are:

  • Additional LongPixel: $12
  • 4” 3-pin jumper. $0.50
  • 5m RGB, 12V 30 LED/m: $20
  • 5m RGB, 24V 30 LED/m: $20
  • 5m RGB, 12V 60 LED/m: $25
  • 5m RGB, 24V 60 LED/m: $25
  • AllPixel: $25 *May ship separately or after the LongPixel

You can either pay for these items separately, after the campaign ends via our BackerKit page (to be sent out later) or you can add to your pledge now. Note: Adding the your pledge now helps us hit our goal, so please consider this option! To add to your pledge, go to the campaign page and click on “Manage“, then on the next page click “Change Pledge” then add the amount extra you desire (add up from the list above) and enter that amount plus your reward level amount into the “Pledge Amount” field.

Later on, on our BackerKit page, it will automatically show this extra amount as a credit that you can then apply towards any of the extras.

That’s all for now. Watch out for some awesome demo projects we’ll be showing off soon!

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