AllPixel Now Available!

Good news! The AllPixel and PowerTap are now available for general sale on the Maniacal Labs Seeed Store


For those that missed the Kickstarter or just want more, this means that you can order RIGHT NOW! They are being sold through our manufacturing partner Seeed Studio.

We realize that shipping from China can be slow and may not be convenient for everyone, but fear not, we are working hard to find distributors that will help bring the AllPixel a little closer to home for as many people as possible. Since we know our supporters are all over the world; if there is a domestic distributor you enjoy doing business with, please leave a link in the comments below and we’ll do what we can.

Just look at all the places the AllPixel has gone to already!
AllPixel Backer Map

Once you’ve got your AllPixel, don’t forget to check out these resources to get up and running quickly:

AllPixel Quick Start Guide

BiblioPixel wiki

Maniacal Labs Forum

So, grab yours now! Happy Making!

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