Faster Raspberry Pi!

Previously, I talked about the ODROID-C1 as a possible, faster alternative to the Raspberry Pi. Well, there’s a reason I haven’t mentioned it again… the software is a mess. It just doesn’t have the community around it that the Pi does. Most disappointing was that their USB Serial kernel driver was a total mess and would not work with the AllPixel 🙁 So, that’s why I’m so excited about the new Raspberry Pi 2!

Quad-Core 900MHz CPU with 1GB of RAM in the same lovable Pi package and the same great community?!?! Yes please!

Of course, I already have one on order and will be posting a speed comparison of the new and old Pi running BiblioPixel performance tests as soon as it’s in. There’s little doubt it will work as well as the old pi 🙂

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