Multi-Driver Demo with BiblioPixel

Last time on the Maniacal Labs Blog… we told you about the awesome new multiple driver support added to BiblioPixel in the latest version. Well, check out the video below to see the proof!

All the code from the video is below. More details are on the BiblioPixel Wiki. And be sure to visit the Maniacal Labs Forum to discuss usage or ask questions. Happy making!

#Load driver for your hardware, visualizer just for example
import time
import bibliopixel.log as log

useSerial = False

if useSerial:
    from bibliopixel.drivers.serial_driver import *
    #Use to set or view your device IDs
    driverA = DriverSerial(LEDTYPE.NEOPIXEL, 8*8, deviceID = 0)
    driverB = DriverSerial(LEDTYPE.NEOPIXEL, 8*8, deviceID = 1)
    driverC = DriverSerial(LEDTYPE.NEOPIXEL, 16*8, deviceID = 2)
    from bibliopixel.drivers.visualizer import *
    #When using multiple visualizers you must specify distinct ports
    driverA = DriverVisualizer(width=8, height=8, port=1610, pixelSize = 30, stayTop=True)
    driverB = DriverVisualizer(width=8, height=8, port=1611, pixelSize = 30, stayTop=True)
    driverC = DriverVisualizer(width=16, height=8, port=1612, pixelSize = 30, stayTop=True)

#load the LEDMatrix class
from bibliopixel.led import *
import bibliopixel.colors as colors

#change rotation and vert_flip as needed by your display
build = MultiMapBuilder()
build.addRow(mapGen(8,8, serpentine=(not useSerial)), mapGen(8,8, serpentine=(not useSerial)))
build.addRow(mapGen(16,8, serpentine=(not useSerial)))
#in the AllPixel version of the demo we used WS2812 matrices that were not serpentine, but the visualizer 
#If using multiple different displays, use whatever it is for that display

#create LEDMatrix and load in generated map
#threaded updates are fastest when using multiple drivers
led = LEDMatrix(driver = [driverA, driverB, driverC], threadedUpdate = True, width = 16, height = 16,

    from matrix_animations import *

    anim = Bloom(led, dir=True), fps = 30)

except KeyboardInterrupt:

#since updates are threaded, give them time to finish before exiting the app

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