New Site! New Forum! Kickstarter Progress!

It is a bit crazy to see how far we’ve come since Maniacal Labs started by launching the Binary Epoch Clock back in 2013. Well, unlike the quick success we’ve had with the AllPixel, we just recently sold out of the Epoch Clock kits. But that allowed us to do something we’ve wanted to for some time now… ditch our web store and redesign the site. So we hope you like the new, cleaner design! Have no fear though… we will still be selling stuff, especially the new AllPixel, we just won’t be doing it direct through our own site.

Next, to help build the community surrounding the AllPixel and BiblioPixel (and more to come in the future), we are launching the Maniacal Labs Forum! This will be the go-to place for discussion and support of all our projects moving forward. We highly encourage everyone who’s using our hardware or software (or just interested) to check it out and share your projects. There’s even Show-And-Tell sections for showing off your latest project. We’d love to see everything that our users are making and will be highlighting some of our favorite projects on the Maniacal Labs blog.

Last, we’re in high gear on starting the manufacture of the AllPixel. We’ve been making a few tweaks to smooth the overall process and should be going into full production soon. For anyone that missed the Kickstarter funding period, have no fear… we will begin selling through Seeed directly following the backers getting their rewards. We are also lining up distributors to help make the AllPixel a domestic order for as many people around the world as possible. If there is a specific distributor (including yourself) that you would like to see the AllPixel available through, please send any pertinent details along. If you would like to be notified when the AllPixel is available to the general public, please sign up for our newsletter using the sign-up widget on the left side of our main website.

Happy Making!

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