Announcing the PrismaChron!

We are very happy to announce our latest kit, the PrismaChron!

The PrismaChron Clock is our take on time as color. The display consists of three RGB LEDs, one each for seconds, minutes and hours. As each value progresses through time, its LED slowly fades through the spectrum from red to violet, and everywhere in between.

Just like the Binary Epoch Clock, the PrismaChron is fully Arduino compatible, open source, and ready to be hacked.

We’re doing things a little differently this time and are offering this great new kit as a pre-order on So if you want to see this kit produced, please head over there and support the project by pre-ordering yours today! We only need 35 pre-orders to fully fund the project at a quantity that will make the cost viable, but the fundraiser will only last for the next two weeks, until November 25th. There’s no risk to you as you will only be charged if the fundraiser goal is met.

We are also offering up multiple support levels with some great incentives. First, we are offering an option to buy the PrismaChron and the Binary Epoch Clock kits at the same time for a deeply discounted rate. Second, to help bring the PrismaChron to a wider audience, we are now making it available as a fully assembled product! So if you would rather not assemble it yourself or just want to give it to someone who would appreciate the clock but doesn’t have soldering skills, no worries, let us do it! You will even be able to purchase the Binary Epoch Clock fully assembled, a limited time offer during this fundraiser only!

For more details and all of the pricing information, head over to the Tindie fundraiser page now.

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