After a long week at the Day Job(tm), I sought the catharsis brought about by creativity and making something. To that end, I took stock of what parts I had lying around. I had been wanting to do something with a couple of TinyTim LED boards I’ve had from previous projects. These displays were sent to us by our good friends at WyoLum. I decided I wanted to mount the 4 panels I had loose and make a nice-looking All-In-One 8×32 display. I grabbed a Raspberry Pi with wifi module, one of our AllPixel LED controllers, and got to work.

IMG_20151115_100654 (Medium)

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A Huge Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at GeekSpark this weekend! We had a great time and were thrilled at the response we got from the giant display.

If you want to know more about the AllPixel LED driver and the BiblioPixel Python library that were used to make the display, check out the AllPixel Info Page.

We’ll have a more detailed post up later with some more pictures.

Thanks for checking us out!

I was playing around with the Replicator 2 and this popped out. I took the bottom half of the case for the AllPixel and merged it into a stand for the WyoLum TinyTiM (which is due to go on sale shortly, check their store). The TinyTiM is held upright similar to the way some tablet stands work. I used solid core wires to connect the AllPixel to the TinyTiM. This allows for the exact angle to be adjusted and adds some stability. I’ll be posting the design files on the AllPixel github repo soon.

TinyTimAPStand (5)

TinyTimAPStand (2)

TinyTimAPStand (3)

TinyTimAPStand (4)

TinyTimAPStand (1)


I saw this kit come up in Tindie’s twitter feed, and instantly knew that I wanted one. It’s relatively inexpensive, not very complex, and it looks amazing (especially with the acrylic front and back plates). And Nixie Tubes! I love the effect and being able to see the inner workings of these very much Old School display devices. The build was pretty straight-forward, and I’m really happy with the final product. It turns out that Rob was sitting a few tables down from us at NC Maker Faire last year. He is a wizard with the TI MSP430 platform, and has a bunch of really neat kits to go along with it on his Tindie store. He also frequents the forums, which is a great resource for anyone looking to get into the MSP430 platform. I have a LaunchPad somewhere in my workshop. I’ll have to dig it out and take a peak at the code. More on that as it happens. But for now I just wanted to share a few shots from my build:

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