Get Started with the AllPixel

Just got your AllPixel? Not sure where to start? Look no further!

Wait… what is the AllPixel you say? It is our USB controlled, universal controller for digital LED strips. Watch this for more details:

Now that we’re on the same page… start here:

AllPixel Quick Start Guide.

It will walk you through every step. From installing the optional components to running animations with BiblioPixel.

If you want to know more about BiblioPixel:

BiblioPixel wiki.

Need help getting everything setup? Want to show off what you made? Go here:

Maniacal Labs Forum

If you would like to acquire an AllPixel but missed the Kickstarter, have no fear! The AllPixel and PowerTap are now available for general sale on the Maniacal Labs Seeed Store

Want to to see more? Check out all our AllPixel / BiblioPixel related videos:


    1. They and the PowerTaps will be available April 20th through Seeed Studio. We’ll post a link and send out an email to our mailing list subscribers as soon as the page goes live 🙂

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