Naming the PrismaChron

Designing the PrismaChron was actually kind of easy compared to naming it.
We went through a few:

  • Rainbow Clock
  • Color Clock
  • ChromaChron
  • ChronoChroma
  • Color Time
  • ChromataChron
  • LumiChron
  • HueTime
  • ChronoChrome
  • ColorChron
  • ChronBow
  • ChronoChromatic
  • SpectraChron
  • Spectrum Clock
  • RGBTime
  • Many more variations on this theme.

Many of them were ruled out pretty quickly with a quick web search. SpectraChron, for example was dangerously close to SpectraCron (no “h”) which was a trademarked brand of paint. Color Time is a brand of markers. LumiChron is an actual clock company. The list goes on.

Up until recently we had actually decided on ChromaChron and liked it so much that apparently none of us thought to Google it. Oops. Turns out that the ChromaChron is a pretty famous color-based watch made by artist Tian Harlan based on a sculpture he made for the 1972 Munich Olympics. There are even Android clock widgets based on the watch. So that was out. But, dirty little secret; the demo video of the PrismaChron is shot at an angle so that one of the diffusers covers up the word ChromaChron, which was already printed on our prototypes!

At least we discovered this before launching the Tindie campaign! Speaking of which… Only 11 days left in the fundraising campaign, so act quickly and pre-order now so we can actually make the PrismaChron a reality!

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